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On Tap and in Liquor Stores Now

6.9% ABV – 80 IBU
Available on tap at your favorite bars and restaurants and in cans at your local liquor store! Also, of course, it’s available in our NE Minneapolis Brewery.

West Coast IPA meets Midwest Rye. Unrated Rye IPA is a beer for the Minnesota hopheads. This Rye IPA greets you with a burst of citrus hop aroma and tempts you with the spice from the rye. 612Brew’s most full-bodied and hoppy beer, yet easy enough that your mom would like it…If your mom is awesome.


On Tap and in Liquor Stores Now

5.1% ABV – 41 IBU
Available on tap at your favorite bars and restaurants and in cans at your local liquor store! Also, of course, it’s available in our NE Minneapolis Brewery.

SIX is a golden-colored, American pale ale light-bodied, biscuit-flavored with a light hop aroma. It was named after the local bus number that runs past the original 612Brew test brewery, where the beer was first brewed (before we became a real Minneapolis Brewery). Perfect for backyards, front porches and the Minnesota seasons. We think you’ll want to drink this beer anytime, all the time.


On Tap and in Liquor Stores Now

5.6% ABV – 23 IBU
Available on tap at your favorite bars and restaurants and in cans at your local liquor store! Also, of course, it’s available in our NE Minneapolis Brewery.

Gateway Park is a pre-prohibition lager brewed with ingredients commonly used in this same style beer over a hundred years ago; six-row barley flaked corn and Cluster hops. This beer was brewed at our Minneapolis Brewery and pays homage to the Gateway District or as it was known back then, Bridge Square, in Minneapolis. One of the key buildings in the Gateway District was the Metropolitan Building, which was sadly demolished in the 1960′s due to urban renewal. However, we are bringing the memory back! Gateway Park is brewed straight from our NE Minneapolis Brewery; from our fermenters to your mouths.


On Tap and in Multi Packs at Liquor Stores Now

7.4% ABV – 60 IBU
Available on tap at your favorite bars and restaurants and in cans at your local liquor store! Also, of course, it’s available in our NE Minneapolis Brewery.

We get it, Minnesota. You want an amazing hoppy beer, not cute brand names. We got you. IPA is our year-round India Pale Ale brewed with pale and Vienna malt along with oatmeal for a tasty malt backbone yet delicate mouth feel. Hopped exclusively with Cascade and Simcoe, IPA is a dank, hop forward beer that satisfies the hophead in all of us. Available year round on draft, 12oz six-packs and in our 12-pack Multi Packs at liquor stores.


On Tap and in Multi Packs at Liquor Stores Now

3.9% ABV – 10 IBU
Dark Ale
Smooth, dark and roasty while being incredibly drinkable.  This year round session ale is light in body, but not on flavor.  Notes of chocolate, coffee and caramel make Session Dark a go-to beer while fishing on the dock, after hitting the slopes or even taking a break from raking leaves.  Session Dark is available year round on draft and in 12oz cans found exclusively in our 12-pack Multi Packs at liquor stores.


On Tap Now

7.9% ABV – 30 IBU
Helles Bock
This year’s Maibock is an homage to a Bavarian style helles bock; a strong celebration beer brewed with German and Czech hops and lagered for many months. Our Maibock is a bright, deep golden color with a bready malt body and an assertive but pleasent hoppiness with a clean, smooth finish.


On Tap Now

4.5% ABV – 20 IBU
A German-style lager brewed with generous amounts of freshly grated ginger. Refreshing and spicy. Delicious and bold. A perfect companion for getting stranded on your own personal island, because you cant have Mary Ann without ginger.

Cranberry Sour

Barrel-Aged Kettle Sour


6.2% ABV – 5 IBU
This limited release was aged for six months in tequila/sauvignon blanc barrels, giving it a refreshing, tart and effervescent flavor profile.  Perfect for hot summer days on the patio!

Currently Off Tap


Currently Off Tap

8.5% ABV – 63 IBU
A This beer boasts an 8.5% abv and has a gorgeous orange color.  The Garam Masala and saffron, added at the five-minute mark of the brew provides a strong peppermint aroma and a soft delicate saffron flavor.


Currently Off Tap

7.7% ABV – 35 IBU
OTo help us (and you) celebrate our Fifth Anniversary we’ve developed a white IPA that we’ve been aging on Cypress.  Our anniversary beer combines the bright, citrusy flavors of an American IPA with the spicy, herbal notes of a Belgian wit beer.  We then aged on Cypress for an added nuance.  Cheers to another five years!  And thank you for the love and support over the past five!


Currently Off Tap

6.3% ABV – 19 IBU
Our long term fall seasonal beer, this Rustic Belgian Style Farmhouse ale is brewed with Floor Malted Pils, Spelt, Munich, Acidulated malts and unmalted and Red Wheat provides a malty sweetness. A light herbal hop aroma from the Saaz and spicy phenols from the Belgian yeast.


Summer ’18

7.2% ABV – 66 IBU
American IPA brewed with Golden Promise malt, Centennial and Citra hops. A big juicy American IPA with a lightly sweet malt body and bursting with notes of guava, pineapple and candied oranges. Hopped up with bucket loads of Centennial, Citra and Equinox. This beer is a limited release and is hard to find, just like Hidden Beach in Minneapolis.


Currently Off Tap

5.8% ABV – 10 IBU
612Brew’s spring seasonal is a New World take on an Old World beer, re-imagined with new ingredients and techniques. Cloud Wars is a Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen, cloudy in appearance with notes of spice and clove with some fruity banana and pear esters. Dry hopped with Sorachi Ace provides hints of lemon grass and dill. Medium malt body with little to no bitterness.


Currently Off Tap

5.2% ABV – 20 IBU
Oktoberfest is our take on the traditional Marzen style beer, brewed with Pilsen, Vienna and Munich malts along with noble hops. A wonderful rich, malty beer with a color reminiscent of the seasonal falling leaves.


Currently Off Tap

9.6% ABV – 22 IBU
The return of our 3rd Anniversary Beer! This traditional Belgian Style Tripel is brewed with Pilsen, CaraVienne, Flaked Rice and Blonde Candi Sugar. A light hop aroma from the German Magnum and Saaz along with delightful esters of orchard fruits from the Belgian yeast.


Currently Off Tap

6.8% ABV, 55 IBU
Lingonberries in Scandinavia are like blackberries here in America; abundantly-found, juicy, and both sweet and tart at the same time. Perfect for jams and spreads, their bright red hue can be seen on tables across candinavia on everything from toast to Swedish pancakes, rolled up in lefse, or on the side of some Swedish meatballs. We simply wanted to honor our Scandinavian roots and our love of beer at the same time!! Skol! (Cheers!)


Currently Off Tap

7.5% ABV, 22 IBU
Aged in Old Forester barrels, has distinct notes of vanilla, chocolate and bourbon





Currently Off Tap

3.9% 12 IBU
Brewed with English malts with freshly roasted Spyhouse coffee. Rich coffee aroma and a nutty malt profile.


52 by 612

Currently Off Tap

5.2% ABV and 10 IBUs
is an American Premium Lager that is light and crisp with low bitterness and a clean finish. Brewed to celebrate the Big Game being hosted in our home city of Minneapolis, ‘52 by 612’ will be available for purchase in 16 oz. four packs at select retailers across Minnesota on December 20th. Only a limited quantity will be sold


Currently Off Tap

6.8% ABV, 55 IBU
An American style pale ale. Hopped with Simcoe and Cascade. Well balanced with a bready malt body and aroma of orange and cream


Currently Off Tap

6.5% ABV – 22 IBU
Oatmeal Porter
Our friends from the Outfit owe us big time. This English Porter is brewed with oatmeal which contributes to the rich and velvety texture of this winter seasonal beer. Caramel and chocolate malts provide a wonderful roasty flavor in the malt profile while the Noble hops provide just the right about of bitterness and balance. So, if you’ve got friends like us, be sure to buy them this beer as payback… and root for the bad guy.

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