In this week's blog post we are going to be showcasing two beers that we hand crafted in the 612Brew emporium. As always, these beers are deeply rooted in the NE Minneapolis brewery scene and construct a monument that all serious beer drinkers would jaw drop over. I'm not talking about metaphorically, I'm talking jaw open, drool dripping kind of shi*. We at 612Brew consistently push the envelope, and what a better time to do so than for our four-year anniversary party, basically we have some serious Minneapolis Brewery Power (MBP) now that we have been around for almost half a decade. So we decided to brew a Belgian-Style Tripel and Quadrupel for our beer loving pallets. Both the Tripel and Quadrupel will be available during the party, including Belgian-Style Flights. Cut your eyelids off because you don't want to miss anything that follows.

Both Belgian-style beers are being released during 612Brew’s anniversary party on February 10 and 11. The Tripel tips the ABV scales at 9.6% and the Quad at 12.4%. Both beers will be sold in the taproom individually or as a set. Only 300 bottles of each style were produced and are expected to sell out quickly.

Belgian-Style Tripel

This year marks the return of our Tripel. This ale shows off nuanced aromatics of clove, citrus, and herbal Czech Hops. Expect a light malty sweetness with a crisp dry finish. This brew is served in a tulip glass at 32 degrees F. ABV: 9.6%

Belgian-Style Quadrupel

A quite intense celebration ale, our Quad balances a complex profile of esters and phenols with notes of plum, caramel, cherries, and black pepper. This beer pairs perfectly with cold days, and warm embraces. This brew is served in a tulip glass at 50 degrees F. ABV: 12.4%

Direct Quote from one of our visionaries:

“We really liked the concept of doing a Belgian-style Tripel last year for our third anniversary,” said co-founder Robert Kasak “so doing a Quad this year seemed only to make sense. It was only then we made the decision to do the bottle release to mark the occasion.”

We are really excited for you to try out this unbelievable beer. If you dear reader, are asking me to describe it? It's like being exploded from a cannon straight into the stratosphere, floating for what feels like a millennia, and falling safely back to earth on a parachute made out of pure love. That's probably the best way I can describe it. See you all at the anniversary party on February 10th and 11th in the tap room.