Bitter Cold Double IPA

Is there a better time to be a Minneapolis Brewery or better yet, a NE Minneapolis Brewery? At 612Brew, we don’t think so. In Minneapolis, there are so many seasoned breweries coming out with new and innovative beers, and there seems to be a new brewery popping up daily. Minneapolis is a beer drinking city and with so many options, it’s never hard to find a beer that you can truly enjoy. As far as seasoned Minneapolis breweries are concerned, 612Brew is still innovating on a regular basis, and we are extremely excited for our upcoming beer releases. In this post, we will be spotlighting the Bitter Cold IPA! The Bitter Cold is a Double IPA.

Great, we have a double IPA...but what the difference between that and a regular IPA? A double IPA has a few unique characteristics. Under usual conditions, a Double IPA has a higher International Bitterness Units or "IBU's," but that isn't always the case. A double IPA can have anywhere between 60-120 IBU's, and an IPA will have 40-70 IBU's. Finally, a Double IPA will almost always be higher in alcohol content. A typical IPA is between 5.5% & 7.5%, and a Double IPA is usually between 7.5% & 10% ABV. We used a ton of Vienna Malt, and El Dorado Hops in this bad ass brew - that's what's giving us a higher IBU (88) and ABV (9.1%).

Each year, we brew this IPA with a different single malt and single hop to showcase the flavor and aroma of the malts and hops, meaning the taste is different every year. This year, Bitter Cold IPA is a Double IPA with a 9.1% abv, 88 IBU and over 4.5 pounds of hops per barrel! We showcase Vienna Malt, and El Dorado hops in this year's version. I don’t think you will taste another double IPA like this one at any NE Minneapolis Brewery. We are very excited for the release of Bitter Cold IPA!

Here's the breakdown for you purists:

Bitter Cold IPA:

The fourth installment of our winter series of single-malt and single-hop India Pale Ale’s, brewed to showcase the individual characters of the ingredients. For 2017 our brewers chose to brew a Double IPA using a classic malt, Vienna, and an attractive new hop, El Dorado. This golden colored Double IPA has a full-bodied malt flavor, and bright tropical fruit and watermelon candy aroma. Medium bitterness but high on the hop aroma from the four and a half pounds of El Dorado hops per barrel!


Vienna Malt

El Dorado Hops

American Yeast

9.1% ABV

88 IBU

This beer goes great with a ton of different food items. You could pair this beer with grilled meats, salty snacks, or on its own to capture the distinct flavors of the beer.


Rich golden color with a bit of a hop haze from the massive dry hop additions.


Full-bodied, rich malt flavor with moderate bitterness,


Tropical fruits, pear, stone fruit and candy sweetness.

We can't wait for you to stop into our NE Minneapolis Brew spot and wrap your sweet lips around this tasty libation. We just tapped this today (1/27/2017).