What up peeps!? We at 612Brew wish you a Happy New Year, and in case you have been living under a rock for the last five years, we are a Minneapolis brewery that brews the finest ales and lagers in the country. We hope your holiday season went off without a hitch. We decided that to fit the bill we needed a New Years resolution this year. We just couldn't come up with something different than last year; brew bad ass beers that you boys and girls can enjoy every single month of the year (or after January 15th when you give up on that diet and the gym).

Well, enough of the pleasantries. Let's skip the boring parts and get to the crux of the matter. We’ve promised that this year will be an interesting one, and we’ve kept to our word by creating a 612Brew blog. We are extremely excited to present you with our very first blog post. We will be releasing the blog on a weekly basis every Friday, so stay tuned to have your mind expanded with 612 knowledge. So keep your tabs and minds open and don't be afraid to give us feedback, we love hearing your ideas!

We felt like it would be hard with all the social noise to keep you guys informed on beer releases, brewery news, or all the other goodies we will be sharing. So, the people making the big decisions at 612Brew decided that one of the ways for us to stand out among the breweries in Minneapolis and elsewhere was to add a blog. We want to keep you (the reader) entertained, but also informed on what's going on behind the scenes. The technical guys got to work; we added a blog section to the site, and here we are. This blog will only concentrate on things that involve 612Brew and the brewing of beer. We might occasionally get off track, but most of the time you can expect the same greatness we poor into our frothy cold ones.

We ushered in 2017 with some pretty good releases and improvements. We are excited about how well The Outfit Porter is selling both on and off the premise, and we hope to see the same for the upcoming spring (Cloud Wars) and summer (Hidden Beach) seasonal can releases. The Outfit Oatmeal Porter was released last month and has quickly become our number one selling SKU! This porter just might be the best beer in Minneapolis. You should grab one and let us know if you agree! This seasonal offering will be available through March of 2017. In addition, we have a great offering of limited draft only beers available throughout the year. So, stay tuned for those beer releases, you will be able to find them here first.

We also recently upgraded our brew house and installed a brand new DME two vessel brewhouse system at 612Brew, we upgraded in a big way! It will be hard to find equipment like this at another NE Minneapolis Brewery. This new DME system is extremely efficient and will allow us to increase the quality of our process. The added Hop Back will also bring out the bright hop profile in our hop forward beers as well! We also recently purchased and installed a GEA separator at the brewery. This giant piece of machinery allows us to transfer the beer to the light tank sooner than in the past. It also acts as a filtration unit by separating the beer from the hop and yeast, providing a beautiful bright beer, and best of all, it increases our shelf life in stores. We hope you swing into the brewery soon and check it out. 612 Brewery isn't hard to find, just ask for the best beer in Minneapolis, and you'll be directed our way. Or--you can find us by jumping on Google and searching 612Brew, or stop in to 945 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN.

Our goal outside of brewing beer is to deliver the best experience when you are drinking our beers at home, or in our fantastic tap room. We want to be the best Minneapolis brewery, and we know that we can accomplish this goal with your help and feedback. Thanks for reading the first post, tune in every Friday for more mind-melting brewery info, and a behind-the-scenes look at 612Brew.