New Equipment

Is there a better time to be a Minneapolis Brewery or better yet, an NE Minneapolis Brewery? At 612Brew, we don’t think so. There are so many seasoned breweries coming out with new and innovative beers, and there seems to be a new brewery popping up daily in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is a beer drinking city, and with so many options it’s never hard to find a beer that you can enjoy. As far as seasoned Minneapolis breweries are concerned, 612Brew is still innovating on a regular basis, and we are extremely excited about the new equipment that we just purchased and installed (see attached picture). We are pumped because it’s going to increase the clarity, quality, and shelf life of all your favorite 612Brews. Before installing the DME two vessel brewhouse system, we had a small variation in our final product, but that will no longer be an issue (keep in mind, this is something only true beer enthusiasts would ever notice). Correspondingly, our new GEA separator will add to the clarity of the beer, and increase the shelf life moving forward. Keep your eyelids glued open to the paragraphs that follow.

First, we recently upgraded our brew house and installed a brand new DME two vessel brewhouse system at 612Brew! We think that the upgrade was one of the best purchases we have made thus far at 612Brew. You know when you’re graduating high school and going off to college? It’s just like that, we graduated from one piece of equipment and moved on to continued growth. The new DME system is extremely efficient and will allow us to increase quality with repeatability in our process. In terms of added benefit, each of our beers will be the same as the last one you had (the best beer you have tasted out of any Minneapolis brewery). The added Hop Back will also bring out the bright hop profile in our hop forward beers, because we got mad love for our hophead purists. You can come into the brewery any time and ask about the new equipment. Robert will be glad to show you the ins and outs, and you will leave with all the information you could possibly want.

If you didn't know already, we recently purchased and installed a GEA separator at the brewery. If the DME system is like graduating high school and going to college, this bad boy would be like triple majoring. This giant piece of machinery allows us to transfer the beer to the bright tank sooner than we could in the past. It also acts as a filtration unit by separating the beer from the hop and yeast, providing a beautifully colored beer—and maybe best of all—it increases the shelf life of our beer. When you come into the best Minneapolis taproom, or try one of our fantastic beers at your local liquor store, you will be getting a beautiful, bright, beer with every pour. We believe this process adds to the experience of beer drinking, which directly relates to our overall goal; delivering our customers the finest beer from any Minneapolis brewery.

All in all, we are loving how 2017 is turning out, and we are only two weeks in! This time the turn of the year isn’t just the turning of a calendar page, but the turning of a chapter in the 612Brew story. We are striving to be your favorite NE Minneapolis brewery, but more importantly a brewery that you can permanently associate with quality and dedication. We are constantly trying to push the envelope and deliver you (our fellow beer enthusiasts) the best beer that money can buy; hence our investment in new equipment.

At 612Brew we love updating our customers on new additions to the brewery, new beer releases, and anything and everything related to beer news. We ask that you keep up with us on social media (click the links on the site to be re-directed), read our blog posts, and make your way into the taproom or your local liquor store. We also ask that you try one of our cold brews that we handcrafted with extreme passion, dedication, and excellence in the beer brewing craft. Please, please, please message us on social media, or contact us directly at the brewery to give us some feedback. Anytime we can make some changes to better ourselves and increase likability we are doing something right! Thanks again to all you lovely beer drinkers, without you, there wouldn’t be a 612Brew.