If you don't know anything about our staple beer Unrated, you are sorely missing out. In the text below you will find all the necessary information to educate yourself on possibly the greatest contribution to modern day American society, or perhaps society overall...

Unrated Rye IPA:

It's a where a West Coast IPA meets a Midwest Rye. Unrated Rye IPA is a beer for the Minnesota hopheads. This Rye IPA greets you with a burst of citrus hop aroma and tempts you with the spice from the rye. 612Brew’s most full-bodied and hoppy beer, yet easy enough that your mom would like it...If your mom is awesome.

This beer is brewed directly out of our NE Minneapolis Brewery (pretty similar to all of our other fantastic beers). This beer has been a staple amongst the 612Brew team, and it's drinkers, for years. We don't know a single other Minneapolis Brewery that does a Rye IPA quite like us. In this post, we are looking to highlight the characteristics of this great brew, and we can't wait to see you with a pint in your hand.

What is a Rye IPA?

A Rye IPA is a style of beer that has an intense hoppy characteristic comparable to a "normal" India Pale Ale. A Rye IPA uses malted rye grains in the mash. The grain mash adds a flavorful or zesty characteristic to the beer. The rye IPA has grown in popularity amongst beer drinkers. Rye is considered a very traditional brewing grain.

Brewing with Rye:

Rye is closely related to barley and is a member of the wheat crop. Rye is used in conjunction with Barley to produce a more bold, bitter and zesty flavor. Rye can be hard to brew with because it has a high beta-glucan content. This material also makes the filtration of the wort harder than normal. Rye is added to beers for so many reasons; a spicy flavor, a crisp distinctive taste, and a beautiful red color.

This month we are all making a push at 612Brew to actively get Unrated Rye IPA incepted into the minds of you; our readers. At 612Brew when we think of our flagship beer it is far and away Unrated Rye IPA, without calling out the specific brand. Just like when customers go into bars and order Summit or Surly, they are asking for EPA or Furious, respectively. It is the beer that will win over anyone who isn't already a die-hard 612Brew fan (and who in the hell isn't by now)?

Where can I get this heavenly brew?

Available on tap at your favorite bars and restaurants and in cans at your local liquor store! Also, of course, it’s available in our NE Minneapolis Brewery.

6.9% ABV — 80 IBU